Improve production time – reduce material costs

Molding Design Assistance

Customers find Ritus is a strong partner and prefer our involvement early in a project. Ritus offers molding design assistance.  Our experience in material compound selection, CAD/CAM and tool design adds significant value by ensuring the finished product will be reliably manufactured while meeting the supplier’s purchasing demands.

Ritus has over 50 years of experience serving a variety of industries. We understand the demands of part components in their environments and can recommend improvements in design shape and durometer rating, offer a more robust base material, or even improve a part’s final aesthetics.

Part design is critical to the process, and we can improve performance by understanding a part’s function in its environment. Ritus engineers have decades of experience and will easily recognize the right solution for your project, whether reducing material costs, improving a part’s visual aesthetics, or identifying ways to extend the life of a mold.

Along with tooling assistance, Ritus excels in material selection. We’re experts in both thermoset rubber and thermoplastic compounds – and can quote a variety of solutions. For example, a product initially designed to use a thermoplastic elastomer may better achieve project goals if manufactured from a flexible PVC material.

Printer-Generated, Fully Functioning, 3-Dimensional Prototype Parts

Ritus has state-of-the-art equipment which is capable of printing a broad range of material harnesses and properties. Rapid prototyping is an ideal step for projects where there are concerns with fitment, assembly, or aesthetics. Ritus’ ability to deliver a finished prototype part before releasing an expensive tooling order saves time and money.