Thermoset Rubber and Thermoplastics Molds

Ritus has extensive experience with a variety of tooling types for thermoset rubber and thermoplastics.  Tooling development can be provided in-house, procured from a local, Midwest tool shop or sourced from overseas suppliers. We’ll work with the best option to meet your project demands.

Ritus specifies and directs all mold design. We build and run product molds in many styles, commonly running:

  • Hot and cold runner molds
  • Valve gated molds
  • Flashless rubber molds

Our engineers specify and approve the components, gating, feed system, mold steels, ejection, finish and other details for all of these mold types. As we direct the build, we provide you with Gantt chart feedback to ensure you understand your project status.

We also offer rapid prototyping. We can assist with SLA, FDM or urethane parts, but generally work to offer you a better solution. Most Ritus prototyping uses the exact material your production molded parts will use, and we build the prototype from a steel mold that runs in equipment similar to that used for the production mold. This not only gives you peace of mind, but ensures your prototype part will act exactly as the production piece will, helping you avoid delays and significant costs that can occur with dissimilar prototype and production parts.