October is Manufacturing Month in Wisconsin and Ritus Corporation is celebrating our wonderful industry.  

Celebrate Manufacturing Month

The economy is growing and there are many opportunities and careers in Wisconsin’s manufacturing industry. Ritus Corporation is highlighting fun facts, cool projects, and a 360-degree journey of what it takes to make what we do.  Read on!

Kick-Off to Manufacturing Month

Ritus Corporation kicked off Manufacturing Week by decorating the breakroom and sharing some yummy snacks! Manufacturing doesn’t work without a dedicated and skilled workforce. Thanks Ritus Team for a job well done!


Manufacturing contributes so much to our community, our economy, and the world.  Know the facts!

Manufacturing is the number one contributor to Wisconsin’s economy. Manufacturing produces more than $59 billion in total sales in Wisconsin. For every $1 spent in manufacturing, another $1.89 is added to the economy.
Wisconsin has more than 9,000 manufacturers who employ over 470,000 people. The Granville Neighborhood is a manufacturing hub, containing the largest concentration of manufacturers in Wisconsin. Manufacturers contributed $2.33 trillion to the U.S. economy in the first quarter of 2018.


Manufacturing Month Trivia Game

Ritus Corporation hosted a Trivia Game. We posted a new question every day, for three days.  Individuals submitted their answers in a drawing box – and one winner was selected at the end of each day.  Congratulations to our three winners – Jose, Andy, and Joseph!

Message from the President of Ritus

Manufacturing Month is coming to a close. The team at Ritus Corporation gathered to listen to President, Tom Gebhardt, reflect on the successes of the year and share details on where Ritus is going. “When customers compliment us on the outstanding work we do, they’re really complimenting all of you,” he said pointing to everyone in the room. “We’ve come so far from our humble beginnings – just look at what we can achieve today. From engineering to complex assembly projects. We will continue to develop our knowledge and invest in our people and our technology.” Everyone on the Ritus team went home with a complimentary Ritus t-shirt for #manufacturingmonth.

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