Some vehicles use over 1800 small components to route wiring through the body cavity.  In cable systems involving critical braking, fluid movement, or latches – not all wiring grommets are equal.

How many parts go into protective vehicle wiring?

The answer may surprise you.

Today’s vehicles utilize sensors and sophisticated technology to not only enhance driver comfort but keep the vehicle and its passengers safe. Wiring harness grommets not only protect large wiring bundles as they route through the cavity of the vehicle but in many cases, they must also seal wires and sensors from exposure to water and chemicals. Automotive wiring systems which include brake cables, parking brakes, hood and trunk latches, fluid movement tubes, as well as electrical wiring elements are comprised of nearly 1800 components that involve as many as 80 grommets to protect harness systems.

Wiring Protection – Tested and Proven Results in the Toughest Conditions

Many wiring harness grommets are molded entirely from rubber materials. Grommets that protect critical systems, like fail-safe brake sensors, often are made from a hybrid of rubber compounds as well as plastic materials designed to protect and seal the system from unwanted exposure.

Wiring harness grommets for automobiles, commercial trucks, and agriculture vehicles are larger and more complex. Ritus has developed proven material compounds and molding techniques which provide the best results for critical systems.

Ritus Corporation’s grommet designs withstand the most rigorous applications and demonstrate excellent results in compression set resistance, tear and heat resilience, fire resistance, and resistance to chemical and salt sprays.


Ritus Corporation produces many kinds of custom rubber components and works with many leading names in automotive, commercial, agriculture, military, and aerospace. Our clients trust us to solve tough problems; like protecting critical wiring in a heat-intensive environment or reduce noise and vibration for a more satisfying user experience.

Typical harness grommets include:

  • Wheel house grommets
  • Firewall grommets
  • Door bellow grommets
  • Dash grommets
  • Wiper grommets
  • Sound isolation grommets
  • Front-of-dash grommets

We’ve supplied components to leading brands in automotive including Chrysler, Ford, GM, Toyota, Nissan, Honda and Tesla.