Sometimes finding ways to keep the client happy comes down to finding a design solution for a lower profile component.  While grommets are not the sexiest parts found in a vehicle they can make a big difference in the way it performs.  

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Grommet Designs that are Above-the-Grade

Our specialty lies within custom-grommet design. While our grommets are molded primarily of rubber we also use a hybrid of rubber and plastic materials as needed.

Ritus has several proven material solutions which provide excellent results for automotive requirements. Our components withstand the most rigorous applications as demonstrated in their compression set resistance, tear and heat resilience, fire resistance, and resistance to chemical and salt sprays.

Wiring harness grommets for automobiles, commercial trucks and agriculture vehicles have become larger and more complex as the electrical systems they control become more sophisticated. More refinement is also required of the grommets that protect and route wire bundles, reduce vibration and muffle sound. Automotive requirements insist these protective grommets perform to a variety of specific standards.

Common harness grommets include:

  • Wheel house grommets
  • Firewall grommets
  • Door bellow grommets
  • Dash grommets
  • Wiper grommets
  • Sound isolation grommet

Off-the-Shelf Grommets Save Time and Money

Ritus has a variety of typical grommet designs including firehose, firewall, and dumbbell which are available off-the-shelf. This is ideal for projects requiring a quick turn-around. It’s also a budget-friendly option as it eliminates the tooling process.

Our standard wiring grommets are typically used in association with low-voltage wiring, battery cables and mechanical cabling. Ritus has manufactured millions of wiring grommets; many for automotive applications, others for marine, off-road, industrial, medical and small engine use.

As a standard component of modern manufacturing, wires twist and turn through mechanical assemblies. Rubber wiring grommets are employed to protect these filaments and eliminate kinking. Wires that feed through firewall panels or framework are coupled with grommets to allow wire movement but also protect against fraying caused by abrasion from rough edges.

Ritus offers solutions for:
  • Large wiring grommets
  • ABS system grommets
  • Small linkage wiring grommets
  • Small isolator grommets
  • Door bellow grommets
  • and more…

We’ve supplied components to leading brands in automotive including Chrysler, Ford, GM, Toyota, Nissan, Honda and Tesla.  Could you use a reliable, US-based Wiring Grommet supplier?  Please, give Ritus a call.

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