Overmolding Plastic to Plastic

Ritus is equipped for overmolding two dissimilar plastics to one another to complete a single material part. This is commonly fabricated for low- to medium-volume products that require additional performance qualities. Our process is ideal for OEMs who seek a custom solution within budget. Typical components include consumer electronics housings like safety lights, or industrial products like handles made by combing a soft thermoplastic elastomer over a rigid plastic base.

Overmolding Rubber to Metal

We are experts in bonding thermoset rubber to a variety of mediums including bonding nitriles, FKMs, EPDMs and other rubbers to a variety of metals such as brass, steel, stainless steel and castings. Over the years we’ve perfected our process to ensure the components we manufacture will retain their integrity at bond site.

Overmolding Rubber to Plastic

Ritus is one of the few North American suppliers with the expertise to bond rubber to plastics. This process takes skill to avoid bond failure if components expand or contract during use. Our team has built a reputation of excellence in the industry – and customers rely on Ritus for components that withstand their harsh environments.