ABS Wiring Grommets

Ritus has supplied hundreds of millions of grommets for anti-lock braking components to the automotive industry.  We have proven methods of materials construction and tooling designs that are reliable, efficient and cost-effective.

Whether for ABS or ESP braking systems, significant wiring is fed between sensors and the control unit. Each twist and turn requires a rubber grommet to protect the wires and eliminate kinking. As these filaments feed through firewall panels and framework, grommets are used to allow wire movement but protect against fraying caused by the abrasion of rough edges on the metal.

If your project is on a fast timeline, Ritus has a solution. Allow our experts to assist with design and material selection to quickly bring your part into the production cycle. Ritus stocks molds for standard components, eliminating tooling costs. Our lean manufacturing practices help deliver the product to your door with the greatest efficiency.