Automotive Grade Materials

Large automotive manufacturers and small businesses rely on Ritus to produce product components that meet their specific needs.  Ritus manufactures rubber and plastic components used in all areas of a vehicle from hood to trunk. Most typically, these include under-hood grommets, hood levelers, battery and coil covers, spark plug boots, clips, air ducts, connectors and plugs.

We understand the complex specifications required by the auto industry when it comes to working with automotive-grade materials.  Ritus offers a variety of specifically developed OEM materials used among leading North American auto producers including:

FCA (Chrysler)

MS-BZ-120 MS-BZ-141 MS-BZ-144 (MS,50045)
MS-BZ-147 MS-BZ-148 MS-BZ-160 (MS,50053)
MS-BZ-99F MS-BZ-105 Class C MS-BZ-111
MS-BZ-137 MS-BZ-88 MS-EA-121
MS-EZ-124 MS-EA-252-01 MS-EA-252-02
MS-EA-253-01 MS-EA-270-S MS-EA-243
MS-50035 MS-90156 MS-50069


Aptiv M4433 Aptiv M4417

General Motors

GMW14720 Type D GMW14720 GMW14720 Type A
GMW14720 Type B  GMW17291  GM10062


HES C201 BIII 4010 HES C201 A1 6010 HES C201 A1 6010
HES C201 A15010


M707 (NAV 710)  Clean Side Duct (ACM) Specification


WSD-M2D447-A  WSS-M2D8-B2





For over 50 years we’ve applied expertise in design, material selection, quality testing and molding of parts for use in cars, commercial trucks, agricultural equipment and industrial machinery.