Complex Rubber Molds

Ritus has over 120 molding presses used for hot or cold runner injection molding, and compression, transfer and flashless mold processes.  Our equipment ensures quality results and is outfitted with vacuum lock features, heating systems and isobars that maintain constant mold temperatures.


Of the variety of molds used for creating rubber and plastic components, Ritus engineers are experts at determining the best design to use for your project goals. Ritus will work with you to determine a process that delivers to your specifications in terms of quality, timing and cost.

Ritus is an expert with complicated mold releases including parts with thin membranes, large seal components or complicated critical parts like grommets, bellows and air ducts. Creative mold design and our equipment unloading systems are key to successful results.

Our presses compliment secondary stages of product development – for example, mechanisms that perform slitting inside the tooling plate – reducing manufacturing costs.


Ritus is both a rubber mold and plastic mold expert. Customers find value in a supplier that accommodates several stages of product development including overmolding and insertion of plastic or metal into a component.

Our facilities house over 65 pieces of equipment for plastic molding including cold runner, hot tip, hot manifold and valve gated systems. We also do unthreading molds, air-assist unload, in-mold decorating, in-mold release and other applications within the manufacturing process as needed.