Plastic or Rubber Connector Tubes, Hoses and Elbows for a Variety of Vehicle Assemblies

As vehicle technology continues to advance rapidly, Ritus Corporation carries on the development of design and material solutions to keep up with regulatory demands in the industry.

Keep These Things in Mind When Selecting Vehicle Connector Solutions

Vehicle components must be able to withstand extreme demands of heat, cold, dust, moisture, and vibration. That’s just life on the road. So, harness systems and connector assemblies are engineered to offer stability while also ensuring long-term protection from the external environment.

Also, often shortcuts are taken to reduce the weight of a vehicle or increase the platform’s profitability.  However, wiring cables and venting systems often support multiple functions, and therefore must be  manufactured to ensure safe operations.

Ritus Corporation Offers Design Assistance and Works with Proven Compounds to Ensure Success

Ritus Corporation manufactures reliable components that support connection to a variety of unions and mechanical attachments. Component compounds range from standard EPDM polymers, to Vamac® products, to thermoplastics, and new regulatory FKM materials. Our development line includes assembly components for:

Positive Crankcase Ventilation and Evaporative Emissions

  • Multi-purpose connectors and assemblies
  • Vamac® and FKM material
  • Prevents vapor leakage within ventilation and emission systems
  • Single source solution for connectors, hoses, grommets, clips, and tubes

Vent Lines and Washer Systems

  • Vamac®, Santoprene™ and FKM materials
  • Advanced driving systems / Autonomous technology
  • Washer systems for cameras, sensors, headlamps
  • Front/rear transmission ventilation
  • Sunroof / windshield drain tubing

Specialty Products

  • Wiring harness grommets and clips
  • Irrigation equipment and sprayers
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Fuel resistant parts
  • Custom rubber and plastics
  • More…