Ritus specializes in custom molded rubber and works with the industry’s most reliable mixing houses to successfully engineer a variety of thermoset rubber components to meet the needs of industries such as automotive, industrial, marine and military.

Examples of Ritus custom-molded parts:

  • Vehicle grommets
  • Door bellows
  • Plugs
  • Air ducts
  • Hitch covers and seals
  • Industrial seals
  • Hammer tips
  • Brake components
  • Spark plug boots
  • Breather tubes
  • Cosmetic parts for medical equipment

Ritus molds millions of pounds of rubber per year made from polymers that include:

  • Ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM)
  • Natural rubber
  • Silicone
  • Fluoroelastomers
  • Nitriles
  • Vamac® products
  • Neoprene materials

Ritus uses mostly thermoset rubber available in a range of polymers and tensile strengths and also use carbon and clay filled materials. We can custom-mix compounds using specific ingredients and curative processes, then engineer a solution with proper balance for efficient vulcanization – ultimately meeting the needs of any project.