Custom Seals

Ritus has vast experience manufacturing complex, custom seals. Clients value our ability to rapidly prototype parts for design using the same material compound to be used in production. This process allows OEMs to more accurately gauge a part’s performance in its environment.

Some of the most frequently requested parts include:

  • Complex rotational seals
  • Linear seals
  • Static seals

Custom shapes can be molded singly or bonded with other components for a more complex part.

Seal Test Laboratory

Ritus seals can be counted on for quality. We carefully check components throughout the manufacturing process, and we operate a full seal test laboratory to conduct standard tests as well as more specific tests as needed.

Standard Seal Tests

  • Testing rheology for deformation, tensile strength or stress
  • Elongation factors
  • Modulus of elasticity
  • Durometer hardness rating
  • Specific gravity
  • Others

Specialized Seal Tests

  • Eccentricity
  • Pulse pressures
  • Reaction to cold and hot temperatures
  • Balance
  • Reaction to fuel swells, ozone, heat aging