Ritus has resourced top experts in the mixing industry and fully tests its materials at regular intervals in their certified labs. Ritus partners with outside labs for specialty testing which may be industry specific, such as flex testing for automotive air ducts.

Testing material compounds and parts is a staple of Ritus expertise.  We offer both in-house and external laboratory testing.

Ritus’ in-house test lab provides specialized testing in a controlled environment. Typical tests include:

  • Rheology
  • Tensile strength
  • Elongation ratios
  • Modulus of elasticity or rupture
  • Durometer ratings
  • Specific gravity to density ratios

Our in-house facility also tests components against environmental factors like extreme cold, fuel swells, ozone and heat aging.

Ritus works with Vanseal, our sister company, on design and development of complex seals. Our seals undergo a variety of quality tests which measure eccentricity, pulse pressures, and cold and hot temperature elastic ratios. Our components don’t go out the door without meeting our clients’ exact specifications.