Ritus facilities house a variety of rubber presses ranging from 10 tons to over 500 tons for both compression and injection molding processes.

Ritus manufactures specialty parts for OEMs in a variety of industries. These parts range in circumference from 20″ x 5″ seals to 18″ x 4.5″ air ducts. Specific examples include:

  • Bellows and multi-lip seals for marine craft
  • Tank seals for chemical containers
  • Large face gaskets for washing machines
  • Long bellows for mining safety equipment
  • Air ducts for automotive and agriculture vehicles

In addition to producing oversized components, Ritus is a trusted expert for complex parts. Clients rely on us to design and manufacture seals with multiple lips or complicated convolutions, ducts with secondary ports, bellows, bends or seal features. The secret is our understanding of specialized unloading techniques, and use of molds with vacuum and secondary heat sources engineered in.