3-D Printer-Generated, Fully Functioning Prototypes

Ritus continues to update and invest in its workforce, technology, and equipment. Our quality department houses over 30 pieces of laboratory and testing equipment ensuring the performance of material compounds and structural integrity of parts in production meet design metrics.

The multi-material, 3-dimensional printer creates part prototypes in hours not weeks

This state-of-the-art equipment handles a variety of material properties to create parts in a range of hardness levels. It accommodates flexible elastomeric compounds from a hardness of 30A to rigid materials that mimic hard and semi-hard plastics.

The system contains four printer heads which disperse three material compounds and a suspension substrate.  The brilliance of this system is that it can even produce over-molded parts with variances in elastomeric hardness in a single production.  The scale of the printing bed allows production of an entire assembly system of individual components, which can then be assembled to mimic real-life production.  This enables Production Engineers to verify fit and ease-of-assembly and other tactile measurements which are hard to duplicate with just CAD drawings.

Rapid prototyping is an ideal step for projects where there are concerns with fitment, assembly, or aesthetics. Ritus’ ability to deliver a finished prototype part before releasing an expensive tooling order saves time and money.

This is just another layer of engineering support you can expect from Ritus Corporation. Our engineering team will help with design development, the material selection including custom formulas, manufacturing feasibility, mold flow, and tooling design and construction.