Material Design

Ritus is qualified to perform projects that require outside agency approval or must comply with a host of regulatory specifications.

  • UL 1081, UL 157, UL 778, UL998 and UL 2157
  • NSF 51, NSF 61 and FDA for food and beverage
  • EPA and CARB (ARB) permeation requirements
  • MIL specs, NAS 1613 (high-speed aircraft and nuclear use)
  • Specifically developed OEM materials
  • Automotive specialty materials including OEM specs including:

FCA (Chrysler)

MS-BZ-120 MS-BZ-141 MS-BZ-144
MS-BZ-147 MS-BZ-148 MS-BZ-160 (MS50053)
MS-BZ-99F MS-BZ-105 Class C MS-BZ-111
MS-BZ-137 MS-BZ-88 MS-EA-121
MS-EZ-124 MS-EA-252-01 MS-EA-252-02
MS-EA-253-01 MS-EA-270-S MS-EA-243
MS-50035 MS-90156 MS-50069 


Aptiv M4433  Aptiv M4417

General Motors

GMW14720 Type D GMW14720 GMW14720 Type A
GMW14720 Type D


HES C201 BIII 4010 HES C201 A1 6010 HES C201 A1 6010 
HES C201 A15010


M707 (NAV 710)    


WSD-M2D447-A  WSS-M2D8-B2