Our Standard Wiring Grommets are typically used in association with low-voltage wiring, battery cables and mechanical cabling. Ritus has manufactured millions of wiring grommets; many for automotive applications, others for marine, off-road, industrial, medical and small engine use.

As a standard component of modern manufacturing, wires twist and turn through mechanical assemblies. Rubber wiring grommets are employed to protect these filaments and eliminate kinking. Wires that feed through firewall panels or framework are coupled with grommets to allow wire movement but also protect against fraying caused by abrasion from rough edges.

Standard Wiring Grommets include:

  • Dumbbell Grommets
  • Dumbbell Grommets
  • Firehose Grommets
  • Body Grommets
  • Bowling Pin Grommets

In addition to producing custom-molded components, Ritus houses a variety of standard part molds. This service is ideal for projects requiring quick turn-around or a budget friendly manufacturing solution, as we eliminate tooling from the process.