Ritus manufactures a variety of wiring harness grommets used to route large wiring bundles through the cavity of a vehicle.  Some grommets are molded entirely from rubber while others are a hybrid of rubber and plastic materials.  We are capable of manufacturing a range of sizes from very large to small.

Wiring harness grommets for automobiles, commercial trucks and agriculture vehicles have become larger and more complex as the electrical systems they control become more sophisticated. More refinement is also required of the grommets that protect and route wire bundles, reduce vibration and muffle sound. Automotive requirements insist these protective grommets perform to a variety of specific standards.

Typical harness grommets include:

  • Wheelhouse grommets
  • Firewall grommets
  • Door bellow grommets
  • Dash grommets
  • Wiper grommets
  • Sound isolation grommets
  • Front-of-dash grommets

Sound Isolation

Isolating and muffling engine noise is important to passenger comfort. Through innovative mold design and the use of ductile materials for higher-elongation strength, Ritus can easily meet manufacturing requirements.

For example, an engineered solution for proper grommet design may incorporate a design technique that combines baffling and air pockets into a single part.

Tough Environments
Grommets are exposed to a variety of environmental factors, so the materials used in manufacturing are critical. Ritus works with several proven material solutions which provide excellent results for automotive requirements. Our components can withstand the most rigorous applications as demonstrated in their compression set resistance, tear and heat resilience, fire resistance, and resistance to chemical and salt sprays. Beginning with the right base materials allows designers to push the limits of part design without having to sacrifice functionality.

Most grommets are primarily made with rubber, but some incorporate a plastic mount to create a close-fitting component. This is especially beneficial in plant assembly. Most rubber manufacturers can only create the rubber component, but Ritus – with rubber and plastics manufacturing capabilities as well as overmolding – is a single-source solution that can deliver these components.